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Sonic Stantz (4:58:21 PM): Sugar, Spice, and Everything nice. These were the ingredients chosen to create the perfect little girl. But Professor Utonium accidentally added an extra ingredient to the concoction,



Thus the Power Puff Girls were born!

Using their ultra superpowers, Blossom, Bubbles, and Buttercup have dedic-Okay you know the story.
Hey there folks. Listen, the narrator couldn't be here today so we'll be taking it from here. So, is it okay if we skip to the beginning?
Audience: Yeah...Sure...What ever.

The City of Townsville. 10 years ago, the Power Puff girls were born into this city. A city ravaged by crime and villainy, but that was all quickly put to rest by their tough little hands. The Power Puff Girls accomplished so much in their ventures. They put a stop to Mojo Jojo's plan to turn everyone in the worlds into dogs, stopped Princess Morbucks from destroying Christmas, and they even defeated a Giant Fish Balloon from destroying the town. Granted, they wound up destroying it with a DYNAMO robot, but it was all cleaned up quickly.
Anyway, as I stated, it's now been ten years since the Power Puff Girls were created, and now those little angels have been developing into lovely young ladies. Their fifteen now, though granted they were only born ten years ago, but they were technically born as five year olds because they went to kindergarten so....okay they say they are fifteen, so they are fifteen.
However, age is not all that how changed for our heroines.
Crook: AAAH! Get away from me!
This dead beat is one of the few remaining normal thugs left in Townsville. Like all those that fell before him, he was dumb enough to think he could outrun the Power Puff Girls.
As he reaches a dead end in the alley, this rather wide alley, three shadows descend upon him. The ground shakes as he looks into the eyes of the Power Puff Girls today.

ChaosEvilD (5:07:24 PM): Although still official called the Power Puff girls, unofficially they have been given a new name by their allies and enemies alike. The ground shakes at their steps, the men drool at the sight of them and criminals fear them even more. They are the Power PLUMP Girls.

Buttercup: Man, and I thought all the smart criminals ran away to Gotham. Hope he's as tasty as he is stupid.

Buttercup, she wears the same green dress with a black stripe as she did before, but the girl inside the dress has changed. Now weighing four hundred pounds, Buttercup can barely fit through a door. All of her is fat, but for Buttercup, most of her accumulated mass is centered around her fat, bouncy ass, which pokes out through the bottom of her dress. Buttercup isn’t ashamed of her fat body and even fatter ass. Loving to hit and smother her enemies under her enormous, chunky ass, Buttercup's greatest joy is holding them under and then farting them into submission. Always the tomboy, Buttercup loves her big, juicy, stinky booty.

Sonic Stantz (5:21:01 PM): Standing next to her was her sister Bubbles, labeled as the cute one of the group. Like her sister, Bubbles had fattened up exponentially, but her sisters, well Buttercup, often teased her mostly that she was technically the smallest in the group. While Buttercup weighed 400 pounds, Bubbles weighed 390 pounds. While that may be a lot to most people, to her sisters, she might as well have gone back to her birth weight.
Fortunately, one feature of her body made every guy, and a few girls not care that she was the "skinny" one. Most of Bubble's fat had gone to her upper body, more accurately her chest. Bubbles had bouncing boobies that were the envy of both of her sisters. While they had big knockers as well, Bubble's pair of Basketball sized fun bags said it all, and nearly tore her her already strained blue dress off.

Last, but certainly not least, was the team leader, and the smart one, Blossom. She was more "well rounded" than her sisters some would say. When Blossom had fattened up, no part of her body stayed bigger then the rest for very long. Every single inch of her was brimming with fat, giving her a very round shape.
Her dress was stretched like the others, they really needed some new clothes, and she still had her red bow from when she was a kid.

Now I'm sure you are all wondering why these formerly "little" angels have become such wide loads. Well to make a long story short, as the girls aged they found a new power they all shared. Where Blossom had ice breath, Bubbles had a sonic scream, and Buttercup could turn into a twister, around puberty they found that they could open wide enough, to eat people!

ChaosEvilD (5:34:35 PM):
Bubbles: Oooooh! This one’s cute! Can I keep him, can I?

Buttercup and Blossom rolled their eyes at the thinnest of the Power PLUMP Girl’s energy. Bubbles was always trying to bring some yummy boy home, but it never lasted. She had a tendency of getting bored of them quickly and eating them within an hour of claming them. Still, the girls were curious what their huge boobed sister wanted to do with boys other then eating them. Both of them had their suspicions, but nothing concrete. What they figured was that innocent Bubbles had some less then innocent intentions with her slave boys.
Blossom: Bubbles, you can’t keep him. He’s a criminal and all criminals go to only one place.
Buttercup: Yeah, my butt!

The big-butted Power PLUMP smacked her partially exposed buttocks, causing ripples to move down the bulbous globes of fat. The crook, who had been frozen with fear, regained enough motion to let out a moan and start drooling. The hem of Buttercup's dress barely covered her ass leaving it completely exposed to be ogled at.

Bubbles: No! He’s going to my boobs! I’m too thin already, I need to make my boobs bigger to catch up with you two.

Bubbles said this in a wail, forgetting about keeping the criminal completely. She hated being the thin one, sure her boobs were big enough to burry her sisters chubby faces into, but her stomach, butt and hips looked like they belonged to a woman of only two hundred pounds. Bubbles wanted to have trouble fitting through doors too, just like her sisters.
Blossom: Crap, this always happens. There aren’t many more villains to eat anymore so whenever anyone shows up, we fight over who gets to eat them. If either of you can’t decide, I’ll eat him myself.

Sonic Stantz (5:45:56 PM): With that said, Blossom rocketed towards the purse snatcher. It was quite a sight to see this several hundred pound girl fly at this man still at top speed. Blossom's super strength made it so not even her weight slowed down her flying, especially when she was hungry.
Before he could even scream our law breaking friend was grabbed the scruff of his shirt. He watched the red head Power PLUMP lick her lips as she lifted him off the ground with ease.
Blossom was always told she had a big mouth, but it was quite literal as she opened up to eat this man. With a flick of her wrist, Blossom tossed him head first into the mouth that so many criminals had vanished in.
She sucked in about half his body in one gulp. This was nothing new to her, and if she didn't do this fast enough, Bubbles and Buttercup might try to steal her snack. Once the three of them leveled the city over who got most of the Gang Green Gang.
As the crook pleaded for his life and kicked his legs against her blobby belly, Blossom slurped him up and sighed in satisfaction. Her belly jiggled as he landed inside.
Buttercup and Bubbled groaned that they'd go hungry, and even more when Blossom gloated right in their face.

ChaosEvilD (5:55:27 PM):
Bubbles: No fair!
Buttercup: Yeah, you always eat the villain. How are we supposed to get full figures like yours if you keep eating the bad guys?
Blossom: Try eating other things. Remember, a candy apple a day keeps the dietician away.
The girls leveled a stare at their redhead sibling. There wasn’t enough food in Townsville for them to reach their sister's size. Also, it wasn’t totally about getting fat, they wanted to eat the criminal simply because it felt good. Having someone shake around inside your gut is an amazing feeling. Bubbles described it as tickly, but Buttercup and Blossom think of it more as orgasmic. A man or woman jiggling around inside you, surrounded by your flesh, stretching out your skin from the inside. The paralells between eating someone and sex are their, only there is no such thing as safe vore.

Blossom: Come on girls, off to school.

Blossom zoomed away, her huge belly wobbling with the last struggles of the criminal inside her. Buttercup and Bubbles frowning behind her, promising themselves that the next villain was theirs.

Sonic Stantz (6:04:46 PM): Speaking of villains, as the girls did take off, they failed to notice a limosine that had suddenly parked in front of the alleyway.
Princess: What a bunch of wide loads.
Inside was one of the few villains still uneaten in Townsville, and one the girls knew all too well. It was Princess Morbucks, and right now, not even her daddy's money could make her happy.
Princess: It's not fair. I grow up into the most luscious and gorgeous looking creature in Townsville, meanwhile those three become the biggest fat asses around by eating people, and everyone loves them???!!!! IT'S NOT FAIR!! NOT FAIR! NOT FAIR! NOT FAIR!...
Princess may be older, but she hadn't given up throwing tantrums.
As she finished banging her fists on the floor, she finally composed herself, and fixed her hair while she reminded herself that the Power pukes were in for a big surprise.
Princess: Enjoy while you can girls, once my plan goes into action, I'll once again be the most beautiful and DESTROY YOU!
Still grinning menacingly, she spoke to her driver.
Princess: To Pokey Oaks highschool. I'm late for class to.

ChaosEvilD (6:15:17 PM): Walking down the hallway and mostly filling it up were Blossom, Bubbles and Buttercup the Power Puff Girls or as they now liked to be called the Power PLUMP Girls. Now teenagers, the girls had grown up in so many ways. Blossom was now looking at which college she wanted to attend after high school, Bubbles was on the cheer leading squad and Buttercup was running for school president on the platform of ‘Vote for me or I’ll fart on you’. The girls had grown up, in so many ways.

Buttercup: I can’t believe you’re asking Mitch to the dance!

Bubbles: Why because you like him?

Buttercup: No! I just think you could do better. You know he’s only interested in getting into your pants.

Bubbles: But I don’t have any pants?

The sisters groaned at their other sister’s naivety. One day someone had to go over the birds and the bees with her. Preferably the Professor. The girls forgot about Bubble's ignorance for a minute and headed over to their favorite class, gym. They weren’t allowed to join any sports teams because of their powers so they were given free reign to fly around and do whatever they wanted. This gave them to perfect chance to flaunt their beautiful, bouncy bodies all over the city. They were proud of their weight and loved to show it to people. They were fat and proud of it.

Sonic Stantz (6:33:48 PM): As they entered the locker rooms, the girls discarded of their dresses, which was easier said then done. With how widely stretched they were, often it took quite a bit of work to change to another.
Blossom: Oh! Not again.
Seems its time had come, as Blossom discarded the third dress she went through this week. She simply tore the rest of it off leaving her in only her bra and underwear. Her bra barely contained her massive mammaries, and her panties had once been mistaken for a slingshot.
She quickly stopped being upset as she rubbed her big belly soothingly. She loved how all this fat felt, so warm and soft. The girls often wished they didn't have to wear clothes so their many rolls of blubber would be free to jiggle. For the sake of decency though, they had to keep dressed.

Buttercup: Ahh, much better.
With her outfit gone, Buttercup smacked her big booty multiple times. She loved to have it jiggle freely, which is why she no longer wore panties. No one could tell though, her last pair were said to have been consumed by her ass.
For the sake of having this big booty, Buttercup rammed it against some lockers and they collapsed like dominos.

Bubbles: ERGH! Girls, help.
Blossom and Buttercup saw their sister was having her own outfit dilemma. Bubbles had managed to hoist her dress past her belly, but something had it caught on her impressive rack.
The girls tried to help her , but her struggles alone made it worse. She said she wasn't doing anything, they said she was, and all the while they hovered around the locker room arguing and struggling.
Once every locker was squashed by a gut or an ass, Buttercup strained as she tried to help, and the inevitable happened.


Blossom and Bubbles both gagged at the always powerful and fragrant gas from their sister's rear.
Bubbles: My eyes. My nose!
Blossom: Wait to go skunk butt.
Buttercup: Hey, what do expect from a fat ass like mine?
Buttercup wasn't phased one bit by her farts. No one is by their own anyway, and seeing people cough and pass out because of her gas always brought a smile to her face.
Soon though, the girls heard someone else coughing.

ChaosEvilD (6:51:42 PM): Gasping for air and stumbling around was one of the Power PLUMP Girl’s oldest enemies, Princess Morbucks. Like the girls, she had changed, but not because of the same reason. Princess was fat, nearly Power Plump fat, she had huge flopping breasts that were barely held under her sweater, a big fat belly that drooped down and thighs and an ass that were nearly the size of Buttercup. She was enormous and several of the girls licked their lips at the sight of such a large meal.

However, a question raced through their minds distracting them from the enemies’ new appearance.
Bubbles: I thought one of you ate Princess when we first started eating criminals?
Blossom and Buttercup blinked, both having never have touched the annoying girl before.
Blossom: I thought Buttercup crushed her under that skunk butt of hers?
Buttercup: Hey! Don’t call my beautiful butt that! I didn’t smush the brat, I thought one of you ate her.
The argument over why Princess wasn’t a roll of fat on one of the their bodies was ended when Princess finally regained her breath. She turned towards the girls with an evil stare, trembling in rage as she stomped towards them. Pointing a shaky finger at them, she loudly exclaimed.

Princess: You meant to do that!

Before the girls could ask the obvious question of how could they have done that on purpose if they didn’t know she was there, Princess started ranting. It started out as the usual stuff, my daddy will buy this and that, I’m so pretty, I have money and you don’t, make me a Power Puff Girl. The girls ignored Princess until she got to the point, in about fifteen minutes.

Princess: …So after getting reverse liposuction I came back to this dinky town to become a Power Puff Girl. I’m perfect now and you can’t say no so naaaaa!
Staring at Princess as she stuck out her tongue at them, the Power PLUMP Girls considered letting Princess go because obviously she was crazy and didn’t deserve to be eaten. Then they rethought it after thinking about finally downing the most annoying girl they knew. Too tempting to say no to.

Blossom: First off all, no, you can’t join us. I’d tell you the reasons but I have another class in an hour and the list is too long. Second, it’s Power PLUMP Girls now, why don’t you let me show you why we have that name.

Sonic Stantz (7:07:31 PM): Once more Blossom rocketed towards her target, eager to dine on the biggest feast she'd ever seen. As she neared Princess's head though, the not so little brat thrusted her body weight forward and belly bumped Blossom, somehow managing to knock her back.
Princess: You're not gulping me down.
While her sister rubbed her head, Buttercup readied herself.
Buttercup: I've been wanting to do this for a long time.
With a grin on her face, Buttercup swerved around princess, and proceeded to pull her hair, her strength sending the enormous villainess onto her back. Before she could get up, her head was quickly lost in the long crack of Buttercup's ass.
Buttercup: Now you'll see why they call me BUTTercup.
Always flatulent, BUTTercup easily let another one rip and kept her foe's head pinned between her cheeks. Her muffled chokes could be heard through her blubber, and she started happily grinding her cheeks against it.
Nothing could wipe the smile off Buttercup's face, nor could anything stop her lite moaning that soon followed.
Unfortunately, Princess grabbed her and somehow tossed her tremendous bulk off her tremendous bulk.
Landing between her feet, Buttercup saw Bubbles inching a leg into her gullet.
Princess: AAH! Get off me!
Bubbles: Nppllmay, u tak u got.
Princess: Huh?
Spitting out her enemy's chunky leg, Bubbles repeated herself.
Bubbles: I said, "No way, you taste good."
Princess smirked.
Bubbles: Uh oh.
A simple kick knocked Bubbles into a wall.
Buttercup: I don't get it, why is she so strong?
Blossom: I don't know, but no matter how strong she is, we can stop her. All together girls.
Buttercup and Bubbles nodded. If Princess wanted a belly bump, she'd get a belly bump.
Her confident smirked vanished when she saw all three Power PLUMP girls rushing towards her.
Princess: Uh oh.
Taking down an entire wall of the gymnasium, the girls were shocked to see their foe rise up once again!
Blossom: What's going on princess?
As she stood, her entire body seemed to jiggle as she spoke.
Princess: Princess Morbucks is gone! I'm MorePOUNDS NOW!!!
Then her belly rumbled


It sounded like thunder but smelled like moldy cheese mixed with spoiled milk times ten. Bending over, Princess let one rip that shook the whole school. Her ass cheeks shook as her anus let out a mighty gust of wind that knocked all the Power PLUMP Girls down. Her eyes were crossed as she let it out, a bio weapon designed specifically for her body. It was meant to knock even the most powerful person out and leave them out for weeks. Princess would finally prove she was better then the girls and rule the world or at least the city.
As her gas ended, Princess turned around and bared witness to her fallen foes, but instead got three very pissed off half naked super human teens.

Princess: What?! How?! Huh?!

Blossom: You really are dumb Princess. Using a fart against us, that’s like trying to drown a fish with water.
Buttercup: Yeah, I share a bed with my sisters every night and let me tell you, I’m one gassy girl. The professor has had to put an airtight seal around my room and have the air cleaned every night. Your gas is good, but my gas is better.
Bubbles: You know what Princess, you don’t stink, you just stink…. No hold on that doesn’t make sense, let me come up with a better one.
Blossom: You can say something to her when she’s fat on of our bellies, lets get her girls!

Sonic Stantz (7:34:45 PM): Pink, blue, and green streaks flew at princess as she faced the fury of the Power PLUMP girls. Dishing out the punches and kicks that made them famous, the Power PLUMPS showed Princess that even before they got huge, they could beat her as a team, no matter what she threw at them.
Bubbles gave her a big knuckles sandwich, Buttercup fired her heat ray which made short work of her clothes, and Blossom blew her freezing breath, turning the fat princess into and ice princess.
With one tap the ice cracked apart, and Princess groaned and collapsed.

Now with her defeated, and with all of them naked, the girls once again tried to decide just who got to eat her.
This RP features the Powerpuff Girls parody "The Power PLUMP Girls".

Given the dirty minds of Chaos and myself, we have made the girls fifteen year olds, but picutre them as any pic of the Power PLUMPs only older. Also find that pic of Princess MorePOUNDS because she's the main villain of this RP.

There's a lot of farting this one. Blame Buttercup for most of it.

Expect more in the future.

Power PLUMP Girls created by Mike Media.
phrooglefa Featured By Owner Aug 24, 2013
Great rp :)
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